Advocacy Campaigns

COVID-19 Campaign

It is an initiative launch by UN Habitat worldwide to think and implemen from different sectors responses to the COVID-19 crisis and strategies for the post-pandemia. It is a call to #TakeAction4Cities

Cities for Resilient Recover

We join to the «Cities for a Resilient Recovery» Coalition boost by Global Resilient Cities Network. It is call to promote actions to protect vulnerable communities in cities from the impacts of climante change, and economic, social and demographic crisis.

El Turismo Nos Une

La campaña #elTurismoNosUne tiene como objetivo dar a conocer la situación por la que está atravesando el sector turístico y presentar las iniciativas que individual y colectivamente estamos promoviendo para el presente y la reactivación futura.

#NDC Transport

The SLOCAT Alliance promote a sustainable transport low in carbon. We join the … as Nos sumamos como patrocinadores y promotores de la Campaña para Aumentar Contribuciones Determinadas (NDCs) en el sector transporte

Back to Better Mobility

Back To Better Mobility Campaign launch by UITP has the objective to visualize the need to straightening the public transport post-COVID for a more sustainable mobility in our cities.